Organic Facial Scrub Cleanser

As the media have finally supported the devastating reality in regards to the plastic scrub beads that have proven to pollute our water ways, we are proud to say that our scrub cleanser consists of Jojoba wax beads. They are gentle enough to use on a daily basis to remove excess dirt and dead skin cells from deep within the pores without breaking the capillaries, they than melt and deposit oil in the pores, leaving your skin clean though not tight when you leave the shower. All natural skin care, helping you glow naturally.


TO SCRUB or TO CLEANSE, this is the question?

Our cleanser is used to remove makeup on dry skin, with a high wax and oil content it is perfect for mature and dry skin, for it moisturises and can be left on.

Our scrub is used on all skin types even dry skin used in the shower to remove dead skin cells, excess oil and dirt from the pores.

Our Saarinen organics all natural scrub is jam packed with Jojoba wax beads, they melt as you scrub in the shower, depositing Jojoba oil in the pores leaving your skin clean and subtle. It is so important to take of the dead layer of skin cells that accumulate on the skin, over time they will form a grey hard crust proving impossible for moisturizing creams to penetrate. I at 45 scrub every night in the shower, when i hop out i use our nourishing serum first under my eyes, mouth and neck than lock that in with our intensive night cream. I love the difference in my skin tone, colour and glowiness (if that is even a word!!)

Our organic facial scrub cleanser is identical to our standard cleanser, with the addition of Jojoba wax beads to remove excess dirt and dead skin cells from deep within the pores without breaking the capillaries. With a large quantity of honey to sooth and citrus essential oils to clean. Our cleansers are made with the purest ingredients comprising of certified organic Red Manderine and blood orange essential oils, low- heated, chemical-free honey, certified organic oils of wheatgerm, coconut and a fresh, certified organic infusion of Elder Flowers, Chamomile and Dandelion leaves. All of these clean the skin, leaving it hydrated and shiny.

Australian made all Natural skin care, helping you glow naturally

All cleansers are blended in our hydrating natural-based cream. See glossary of terms  for the full ingredient list.


Weight 120 kg

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